Monday, April 27, 2015

Dot net programming basics

Important things about .net framework
1.Language independent:
* Dot net supports to develop applications in any programming language which are in .net            framework.
2.Common Language Runtime:
* Common Language Runtime(CLR) is a software which is installed along with installation of      visual studio.
* CLR provides a runtime for .net applications.
* It provides garbage collector to free the unused resources.

Sample program
* Open visual studio File menu-> New-> project->Select console application-> Click Ok
           Using System;
           Class mySample
               Static Void Main()
                 Console.WriteLine("Wel Come To C#.NET");
                 Console.WriteLine("HAPPY CODING");

* Press F5 to run.
*Out put  Wel Come To C#.NET
                  HAPPY CODING

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